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SARAJEVO – city that will capture your heart

SARAJEVO is capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, situated on the cross-roads connecting northern Europe with Mediterranean Sea and its traditions.

Thanks to its geographical position, since its origins it has been influenced by a great number of different cultures and civilizations which came together, struggled against one another, but then intermingled and reconciled on this same land. Unique city where east meets west will capture your hart with its charm, architecture, history, restaurants, delicious food and shops. Sarajevo has a reputation as a great destination for nightlife and yearlong festivals.

  • Fashion Week (November)
  • JAZZ Festival (November)
  • Sarajevo Winter (February and March)
  • Theater Fest (May)
  • Bascarsiija nights (July)
  • International Folklore Festival (July)
  • Sarajevo Film Festival (August)

Flights to Sarajevo:

Sarajevo Airport is located 10 km from the center.

  • BH Airlines
  • Croatia Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Austrian Airlines
  • German wings

By car to Sarajevo:

  • From Vienna 788km
  • From Budapest 578km
  • From Ljubljana 555km
  • From Zagreb 414km
  • From Belgrade 305km

By train to Sarajevo:

The main railway station is located close to the City From Venice 846km center. Sarajevo is connected with neighboring countries Croatia and Serbia

Useful information

Currency: Bosnian Mark (BAM), 1EUR = 1,95 BAM

Capital of Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Population : 450,000

Average temperature in January: -1.3 °C

Average temperature in July: 20.4 °C



established in year 1882 on crossroads of Oriental and European Sarajevo, just a few steps from tourist epicenter of old town is positioned in the heart of the city. It is built with highest hospitability standards, and with a staff always at your disposal.


is located minutes drive away from the Sarajevo International Airport and ten minutes drive from the city center which makes it the perfect choice for your stay.


Built for the XIV Winter Olympic Games, Holiday Inn Sarajevo is situated in the city center, opposite the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Government Institutions, UNITIC business and shopping center. Only 5 minutes away from the Old Town – Bascarsija, 20 minutes from the Sarajevo International Airport and 30 minutes from the superb Olympic Mountains, Holiday Inn Sarajevo has become a must for business and leisure travelers alike.


The hotel is located in the very Centre of the City, in the vicinity of the old part Bascarsija, and steps away from the National Theatre where each year Sarajevo film festival takes a place. Freshly refurbish with convenient location and vicinity to public transportation will help you to explore so much in Sarajevo.


Hotel is situated in the quiet part of town, close to the center and not far from the bus and train station. If you travel by bus or train hotel is a five-minute walk away. Hotel is an ideal setting for the business people and tourists. Pleasant atmosphere, kind and professional staff will make you feel as at home.

WHERE TO GO / Sarajevo

Sarajevo is one of the favorite destinations neighboring countries. If you want to feel this city visit Bascarsija the pedestrian area of the old town full of small shops, restaurants, museums, mosques, Orthodox and catholic churches and synagogue.

To feel the way of life some 300 years ago visit Svrzo house – preserved example of Ottoman architecture.

National Museum – established in 1888 . The major exhibitions are organized by departments of Archeology, Ethnology, Natural Science and Library. Sarajevo Haggada is housed in specially protected premises.

Jewish Temple and Jewish cemetery – one of the most valuable Jewish cultural monuments in the region of the former Yugoslavia.

War Tunnel Museum —gives a bitter sense of how difficult it once was to leave in Sarajevo

For the once who enjoy the nature Vrelo Bosne(spring of river Bosna) during the whole year will intrigue you with its beauty and trails through the park. Enjoy romantic horse carriage drive through the oak alley.

On your way to Vrelo Bosna one of the favorite natural park destination of Saravian.

AROUND Sarajevo

Within 40 minute drive you can reach one of the Olympic mountains – Jahorina or Igman and Bjelasnica. Mountain Bjelasnica ideal place for winter sports or hiking. On Bjelasnica mountain you can visit village Lukomir where residents continue a way of life that has long since died out elsewhere. The organic, home grown and home-made food is fantastic, the people friendly.


Kraljeva Sutjeska was the last seat of the medieval Bosnian Kingdom. The last queen of Bosnia Queen Katarina reside here until was forced to exile to Rome. Franciscan Monastery and Church of St. John The Baptist was built in the beginning of 13th century destroyed more than once, but always rebuilt. From the medieval fortress and Franciscan monastery to one of the oldest mosques in the country it’s a wonderfully unique rural experience rarely found today in Europe.

FOJNICA (40km)

Fojnica, famous for its thermal waters and stunning Franciscan Monastery and Church of St.Spirit built in 14th century with rich museum collection.

TRAVNIK (80km)

Famous for its Nobel Laureate writer Ivo Andric, Travnik with its mosques and fortress that dot the skyline shows the original style Bosnian architecture that gives this town its charm. Not far from Travnik is the mountain ski resort of Vlasic, a paradise for snowboarders and a great nature break spot.

JAJCE (120km)

Once the capital of Bosnia and the city of kings and queens. Jajce will certainly impress you with its glorious history with a number of historically important buildings and off course with the Pliva waterfall. Jajce is the world’s only city built on top of a waterfall. The lake of Pliva, which can be found near Jajce, offers amazing possibilities for water sports.

MOSTAR – exotic and welcoming city

Mostar is a capital of the Herzegovina region . The name of the city signifies “bridge-keeper”, as a bridge has always been at the heart of the town’s identity and has been listed as a UNESCO heritage site.

Walks over the bridge will take you to the different time. To feel the way of life of that time visit old Muslibegovica House as ideal example of Mostar’s grand houses of the Ottoman period. Walks along the riverside of one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia, Neretva River will amaze you by its beauty and emerald color. Just minutes away is Karadjoz-bey mosque, considered to be the most beautiful mosque in the region of Herzegovina.



Hotel is situated in the center of the city and only a ten-minute walking distance from the historical center of the old town. Outdoor cafe-garden with its bubbling stream of Radoblja river will make you feel relaxed.The hotel is also located 5km away from the Mostar airport. Main touristic cities such as Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Split are only 100 km away.


Hotel ”Bristol” Mostar is located in the center of Mostar, on the right bank of the Neretva River, right next to the Tito’s bridge. Central location of the hotel provides You a quick access to all city parts, with a 15-20 minute walk from the hotel to all important places in the city. The ”Bristol” hotel in Mostar is an institution with well known name and long tradition which is dating back to the Austrian-Hungarian period.


Hotel Ero is an ideal place for businesspeople and visitors wanting relaxation, because it offers great opportunities for organizing tours to the desired destinations, such as Medjugorje, Dubrovnik etc. That’s why we heartily recommend this hotel to those who, at one place, want to meet and enjoy picturesque scenery together with cultural, historical and architectural sights of the Mostar as a very important transit place in the heart of the Europe.


BLAGAJ (10 km)

This 16th century dervish order monastery epitomizes the harmonious existence of man and nature. This stunning structure was built at the mouth of the largest source in Herzegovina, river Buna which gushes from a cave at the base of a 200 meter cliff.


spiritual and religious place Beside Lourdes and Fatima, Medjugorje is one of the most known sanctuary in the World in which many pilgrims had found their lost faith, peace, and bound with God.


Pocitelj is unique settlement, listed as a UNESCO heritage site and recent reconstruction has returned the town to its original form. Besides its stunning oriental architecture and Ottoman feel, Pocitelj hosts the longest operating art colony in southeast Europe.


Hutovo Blato is a nature park and sanctuary for migrating birds, with variety of flora and fauna of the endless swamp.


Kravice waterfalls is it a perfect place to hike and fish, but it’s also a great place to swim. The Trebižat river, with its marvelous course, creates the waterfalls. Krav­ice wa­ter­fall is the biggest wa­ter­fall in Herze­gov­ina.